Picturesque weekend

A picture speaks more than thousand words. These weekend shots tell a colorful story.


Springtime joyfulness

Every season holds its special gems that sparks ones joyfulness. Spring is the season that sets my senses on fire. The light, warmer winds, awakening of the nature. Everything is so sensational and I want to encapsulate the moment, the feelings.


In this modern age of alternative facts, news algorithms and information campaigns we need to re-explore our ”forgotten” superpower empathy. With this superpower we are equipped with abilities to shift perspectives and ”walk a mile in somebody else´s shoes”. This is indeed a superpower in this modern age.

Just wait a second! Is it really a modern age problem? If we travel back more than 2 000 years we will be able to listen to wisdom words of Marcus Aurelius. This is accredited to him: ”Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth!”

I just need to step out of my house and take a short walk down to our lake to understand the question of perspectives. Below are two snapshots taken at the same spot, but from only two different perspectives of the same motive. No need to say more.

Cultural weekend

Weekends usually pass in turbo speed. This one wasn´t the exception to the rule. Guess that is the case when you are enjoying life. One nice experience this weekend was a walk in the park of Fullersta Gård. Beside the sun and blue sky I could enjoy some art from local artists that was exposed outside.